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Webeditorial Září 2020

Fotograf: Christian François

PARIS / WOMEN'S - Fall-Winter 19/20

Kristina Fidelskaya
Ingie Paris

PARIS / COUTURE—Spring-Summer 19

Rahul Mishra
Guo Pei
Ziad Nakad
La Métamorphose
Georges Chakra
Guo Pei

Christian François

Christian François is a photographer based in Paris, France. Photography is a first passion and mode photography is a second life. In 2013 he quitted a day job and started photographing the world of fashion. After pushing to make things happen he had the opportunity to share highlights with people who create to inspire the world. At the same time as he seeks to value the product, he is looking for grace and the secret vibration of the here and now. From street style to portraits or backstage shoots, he wants to make dream tangible.
All the pictures here have been taken during the event Paris Fashion Week in year 2020 (Paris Fashion Week is part of the global "Big 4" fashion weeks, the others being London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.) A fashion week consists of seven to ten days of fashion shows (up to ten a day) of multiple designer's collections. As a backstage photographer Christian François was invited to some of them.

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